11th Exhibition for Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities

In Kish Island, 18 – 21 November 2019 11th Exhibition for Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province participated in KishInvex 20198, i.e. 11th International Exhibition on Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities, 6rd International Exhibition on Exchange, Banking, Insurance & Privatization and a side summit event. The Iranian and foreign visitors of the pavilion of Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province got information about Foreign investment promotion and protection act (FIPPA) and the investment opportunities in Isfahan province.
The above mentioned side summit event included 36 presentations and lectures on economic titles including modern capital market tools, Presenting UNCTAD Report 2019 on Absorbing FDI in Regional and International Scales, How to Diagnose and Treat Business Challenges, Specialized Summit on Development of Iran Trade & Investment with Syria and Afghanistan, Corporate Governance in Iran with Emphasis on Public Stock Companies, Creating Funding Tools, Municipalities & Funding, Role of Capital Market in Development of Knwoledge-Based Economy & Principals of Participation in Funding Through “Crowd Funding” Method, The Impact of Digitization on Financial Markets, Assessing Policies and Methods of Absorbing Foreign Investment Through High- Tech Knowledge- Based Companies and Startups, Human Capital Development with E-Learning; a Strategic Approach in Banks and Insurances, Funding & Participation in Development of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects, (as mentioned below). KishINVEX 2019 in Numbers KishINVEX 2019 hosted more than 270 Iranian and 40 international participants from Poland, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Tajikistan, Belgium, Russia, Algeria, Germany, Oman, Senegal, England, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia, China, Afghanistan, Georgia and New Zealand. Kish International Exhibition Center with an area of 21,000 sq.m. & 12 workshops and Kish International Convention Center with 35 side summits were the hosts of KishINVEX 2019. Facts About KishINVEX 2019 • More than 250 preplanned B2B meetings took place in the exhibition Venue. • More than 100 keynote speakers and panelists took part in the specialized summits. • 150 domestic and international reporters from 25 News agencies covered the exhibition. • Participation of 21 countries in KishINVEX 2019. • 36 specialized summits. KishINVEX 2020 KishINVEX 2020; the “12th Exhibition on Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities” and “the 7th International Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization” will be held on Kish Island from 12th – 15th of Nov. 2020. Capital Market, Finance, Banking and Insurance Capital market, as one the most important components of the financial market, plays a significant role in pooling savings and mobilizing foreign capital for productive investments; which in turn, leads to economic growth. Given the capital market’s potential capabilities, introducing and presenting investment opportunities in an efficient way would have a decisive role in Iran’s economic growth and development. Nowadays, developed countries use numerous approaches to achieve economic development. One of the most important examples of such approaches is attracting domestic and foreign investors and supporting them. There is no doubt that exploiting the investment resources of the private sector and attracting local and foreign investors, is one of the most fundamental tools for economic development. In this regard, KishINVEX would be useful for financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, the owners of the profitable projects and the executives of the investment projects in capital markets; and would help them to pursue their objectives in an environment with an easy access to a large number of managers and officials in these fields. The most important objectives that KishINVEX pursues are introducing and understanding: • Capabilities that local and foreign financial institutions possess; • Capabilities and achievements of Iran’s capital and insurance markets; • Capabilities of the companies available at the stock market; • Providing modern banking and insurance services; • Enhancing the capacities for competition in monetary and capital markets with similar regional countries; and • Introducing investment opportunities in national strategies at a macro level. WHO ATTENDED • Banks, Savings Banks • Auditing Companies • E-Commerce Companies • Trade Associations • ATM Machine Manufacturers • Credit Rating Agencies • Cash Transferring Vehicles • IR/PR Agencies • Electronic Banking & Technology Suppliers • Shareholders' Representatives • Locker/Safe Manufacturers • Software Suppliers • Stock Exchanges • Security Issuers • Stock Exchange Information Services • Specialized Publishers • Joint Stock Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange • Investment Clubs • Direct Brokers • Investment Trusts • Insurance Companies • Investment Consultants, Asset Managers • Leasing Companies • Real Estate Companies • Financial Service Providers • The Financial Press