Our Team
Dr Abbas Rezaei Province Government General Governor Chief of Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province
Ali Sabouhi General Manager of General Office of Economic Affairs & Finance Deputy of Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province
Khaled Amiryousefi Deputy of Economic Affairs General Office of Economic Affairs & Finance and  Investment Chief Officer Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province
Representatives of the Departments and Organizations
HusseinAli Sattari Department of Coordination of Economic & International Affairs (Isfahan Province Government)
Department of Industry, Mine and Trade
Ali Dehghani Representative of Agriculture Jihad Organization
Alireza Borhanipour Municipality (Department of Investment and Partnership of Isfahan Municipality)
Kamran Muhammadi Department of Environment
Ahmad Seifi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hamid Amini Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
Seyed Kamal Aldin Mirhadi Department of Cooperation, labor & Social Welfare
Saied Ebrahimi Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture
Mohammad Saadat jou Company of Industrial Estates of Isfahan Province
Aabbas Berenjian Department of Company Registration (Organization for Registration of Deeds & Properties)
Majid Raofi Tax Administration
Hojatollah Vakili Department of Isfahan Customs
Hossein Hojati Department of Roads and Urban Development
Ali Shahnazari Department of Isfahan Airports
Amir Shahir Isfahan Province Water and Waste Water Company
MuhammadAli YazdanPanahi Isfahan Chamber of Cooperation
MuhammadHossein Rohani Isfahan Regional Electricity Company
AliAsghar Majidifar Isfahan Regional Water Company
Sousan Zeraati Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization
Rahmatollah Hamamian Isfahan Regional Electricity Distribution Company
Attaollah Tobe eh Banih Isfahan City Electricity Distribution Company
Fazel Ghafouri Isfahan Province Gas Company
Mohammad Reza Changani Department of Railway
Dr Ali Ashrafi Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Majid Mohammadi Isfahan Science and Technology Town