General Information 

Q.  1- Is Foreign Investment permitted in Iran?
Q.  2- What objectives are to be achieved by foreign investment?
Q.  3- Under what legal or contractual framework, foreign investment may be admitted in Iran?
Q.  4- How do you define foreign investment?
Q.  5- In what sectors foreign direct investment is permissible?
Q.  6- What legal structure do you recommend for foreign investment?
Q.  7- Is it obligatory to have local partner(s)?
Q.  8- Is there a ceiling for foreign investment in Iran?
Q.  9- If there is no restriction imposed in Iran, then what message a prospective foreign investor should get from the ratios of 25% and 35% referred to in Para (d) of Article (2) of FIPPA?
Q.  10- Is foreign investment permissible in oil and gas upstream activities?
Q.  11- Is it permissible to use foreign trade marks and names in foreign investments?
Q.  12- Is foreign investment allowed in companies quoted in the Stock Exchange Market?
Q.  13- How do you define Special Economic Zones in Iran and in which areas of the Country these so-called zones have so far been established?
Q.  14- Is there any difference between investments made in Free Trade Industrial Zones, Special Economic Zone and the mainland?
Q.  15- What is meant by the terms Iranian Company and Foreign Company, from the standpoint of Iranian laws and regulations?
Q.  16- Is it possible for foreign companies to establish legal bases in the form of branches or representative offices in Iran?
Q.  17- Is the establishment of branch or representative offices considered as foreign investment?
Q.  18- What are the features of Industrial Estates and what facilities are available in those areas?
Q.  19- In what sectors foreign investment under contractual arrangement is permissible?