The Capabilities and Capacities of the Development of Province

1- The specific location of the province (Being located at the transit route of  North-South, East-West and its adjacency with 8 other provinces)

2- Existence of potential of mineral areas (enjoying rich metal, non-metal and ornamental-building stones and other minerals with high added value).

3- Existence of extra financial funds resulted from the past investments.

4- Enjoying various, historical, natural, and manmade tourist attractions with national and international values, as important country tourist centers.

5- Existence of the cultural advantages including, historical, written rich heritage, valuable artistic works, architecture and civil construction, cultural artists and intellectuals effecting on domestic and global interactions.

6- Existence of potentials and developed substructures motivating economical activities (roads, power transmission network, gas and oil transmission lines, telecommunication network, bank network, and .. .. )

7- Existence of social factors, accelerating economical and social ties (vigorous, informal, financial systems, job honesty, well experienced guilds informal, social organizations, scientific and specialized capacities and .... )

8- Existence of various natural and ecological sources, rich soil, biological species, different live stocks, and developing possibility of cultivating products with relative advantages as motives to economical activities (with special emphasis on agricultural sector and environment).

9- Existence of human capitals (scientific, technical, specialized, managerial capacities and . .. ) accumulated as investment activity complements towards knowledge-oriented economy.

10- Existence of specialized mother universities and numerous colleges and research institutes as science & technology producing centers.

11- Existence of non-governmental sector ( cooperative and private) capable to attract the foreign investment.

12- Establihing big industrial, nationally important units like Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Isfahan Steel Plant. ..

13- Women, economical, social, political, cultural capabilities as the main part of the province human capital source.

14- The prominent role of the province in production, restoring and transmission of energy in the country.

15- Adjacency with water providing resources of Zagross and its possible development and exploitation as potential and practical sources of providing water, required for industries and central plain of Isfahan.

16- Existence of powerful capability in fields of handicrafts.

17- Existence of historical, social field for public participation and widespread charity institutes and active NGOs.