Presenting Foreign investment promotion and protection act (FIPPA) to China CIFIT Group delegation to Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province

In a meeting held in Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province on 13 July 2017 and including a delegation consist of four managers of China CIFIT Group and officials from Isfahan local government, department of industries, mines and commerce and department of roads and urban development of Isfahan province the two parties talked about the Iran and China historical relations in economic and investment, the new horizons for expansion of investment-economic ties between the two countries, Isfahan high rank in different agricultural products and the ways China CIFIT Group can invest in Isfahan Greenhouse Cultivation.
China CIFIT Group delegation expressed their satisfaction for their presence in Isfahan, and also their interest for doing business in Iran. The parties further held talks on different questions regarding the business environment in the country and Isfahan province, the province priorities for foreign investments in different sections, guarantees and support in this issue. At the end of the meeting it was decided that with the cooperation proposal from China CIFIT Group delegation, all necessary follow-up will be done for the implementation of bilateral cooperation.
Also, the Foreign investment promotion and protection act (FIPPA) and the regulation governing foreign investment in Iran's capital market including main points of FIPPA, the incentives (tax and customs exemptions), guaranties, currency transfer and implementing regulation of foreign investment in Iran was presented to China CIFIT Group delegation.