10th Exhibition for Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities

In Kish Island, 22 – 25 October 2018 10th Exhibition for Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province participated in KishInvex 2018, i.e. 10th International Exhibition on Presenting Iran's Investment Opportunities, 5rd International Exhibition on Exchange, Banking, Insurance & Privatization and a side summit event. The Iranian and foreign visitors of the pavilion of Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province got information about Foreign investment promotion and protection act (FIPPA) and the investment opportunities in Isfahan province.
The above mentioned side summit event included 28 presentations and lectures on The Role of Islamic Finance in Economy: a Step Towards more Stability; Foreign investments and legal guarantee in Iran and methods for road mapping; Modeling the successful investment agencies in the world and methods for identifying investment opportunities; Expansion of Economic Relations Between Iran and Georgia; Introduction of Mika Enterprise - Possibility of Cooperation with International Brands; Opportunities and Advantages of Investing in Imam Khomeini Airport city; Absorbing national and international investments to Iran’s projects; Iran insurance Sector report; Smart City tools and solutions for Talent Promotion and Investment Attraction; Culture, Heritage and Environmental Assets as Building Blocks of New Industries and Value Creation; How to trade with Foreign SMEs Considering Economic Sanctions; Educational Workshop TSE & IFB Financing Platform Businesses; The latest methods, techniques and challenges in the international marketing for foreign investments; International modifications in the concepts and protocols of foreign investment promotion; Basel III and beyond - An Overview for Practitioners; Introducing the Opportunities to Investors and Entrepreneurs for their presence in the Plans of Iranian Privatization Organization; The Role of Capital Market in Funding Plans and Projects; Short-term Solutions to Refine the Banking System; Assessing the profitability of insurance companies in the form of a strategic puzzle; A Legal Guide for Iranian Firms to Do Business in an International Scale; From Enumerating Opportunities to Assessing and Presenting Investment Packages; Enterprise Risk Management - in Insurance industry; Rate of interest analysis overview in 1398; Banks and Dynamism of International Business Relations; Qeshm on Oil and Energy Belt; Surveying the Role of Capital Market in Increasing Economic Security and Public Trust; The 4th Industrial revolution facing the future of investment; Introduction and Presentation of Hendorabi Island’s Investment Opportunities. KishInvex 2018 gathered more than 350 companies and organization in an area away from the hustles and bustles of the capital in Kish Island on 22nd to 25th of October. KishInvex 2018 hosted 28 summits and workshops and more than 200 certifications were signed and handed out by first grade European companies such as Capital Intelligence and APP in Association with Dentons Europe LLP. There were more than 30 international speakers, 60 international and diplomatic guests and more than 110 international entities. The participants participated in an exhibition space of 21,000 square meter and 13000 people visited this event. For the convenience of our participants there were specialized and pre organized B2B meetings which have been conducted based on their interests.